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FFIX White Magic


I do not have all weapons and accessories where these spells are taught, I only have what's here. I will add to the list often. And I know I forgot the amount of MP needed! >< I'll add it when I'm done with most of the site; I promise!


 Spell  Garnet's AP  Eiko's AP  Where Taught (Red=Garnet's Rods; Purple=Both Rackets Blue=Eiko's Flutes; Yellow=Accessories)
 Cure  55  30  Rod; Magic Racket; Silk Shirt
 Cura  50  40  Healing Rod; Golem's Flute; Barette
 Curaga  155  80  Wizard Rod, Whale Whisker; Hamelin, Angel Flute
 Regen  --  25  Fairy Flute
 Life  30  35  Mythril Rod, Healing Rod, Whale Whisker; Golem's Flute
 Full-Life  --  90  Siren's Flute
 Scan  25  --  Air Racket
 Panacea  15  15  Rod; Air Racket
 Stona  25  25  Multina Racket; Lamia's Flute
 Shell  35  35  Mythril Rod, Wizard Rod; Multina Racket, Mythril Racket; Gold Choker, Cotton Robe
 Protect  30  30  Rod, Wizard Rod; Mythril Racket; Desert Boots, Steepled Hat
 Haste  --  30  Fairy Flute
 Silence  30  25  Mythril Rod, Asura's Rod; Priest's Racket; Lamia's Flute; Magic Armlet
 Mini  40  40  Asura's Rod; Magic Racket
 Reflect  20  20  Stardust Rod; Mythril Racket; Ruby
 Confuse  35  --  Asura's Rod
 Berserk  30  --  Multina Racket
 Blind  40  --  Multina Racket; Magician Shoes
 Float  20  25  Stardust Rod; Lamia's Flute; Lamia's Tiara
 Dispel  --  25  Tiger Racket; Siren's Flute
Might   --  25  Priest's Racket; Hamelin
 Jewel  --  50  Hamelin
 Holy  --  110  Angel Flute