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Tifa's Weapons


 Weapon  Attack  Accuracy* Materia Links/Slots**  Materia Growth***
 Leather Glove 13   99  1 Slot  Normal
 Metal Knukle 18  102  2 Slots  Normal
 Mythril Claw  24  106  1 Link, 1 Slot  Normal
 Motor Drive  27  106 3 Slots  Double
Powersoul****  28  106  4 Slots Double
 Platinum Fist  30  108  4 Slots  Double
Grand Glove  31  110  1 Link, 2 Slots  Normal
Tiger Fang  38  110 2 Links  Normal
Master Fist****  38 108  6 Slots  Normal
 Kaiser Knuckle  44  110  1 Link, 6 Slots  Normal
Diamond Knuckle  51  112  2 Links, 1 Slot  Normal
 Dragon Claw  62  114  2 Links, 2 Slots  Normal
 Work Glove  68  114  None  Normal
 Crystal Glove  75  115  6 Slots  Normal
 God's Hands  86  255  2 Links  Normal
 Premium Heart 99  112  4 Links  None


Premium Heart:

Found: In the Item tent in Section 5 at Midgar. You have to get the Key to Section 5 at Bone Village by digging for "normal treasure" and setting all the people at the top. Set off the bomb standing on or near the black stuff next to the ladder.


Other: This weapon is strange. It's power always changes. Half of the time, it's doing less than 100 to enemies. A third of the time, it will do about 2500-4000. The rest of the time, about a sixth, it'll do 4500-8000. My theory: If the HP out of mac HP in higher, the weapon is weaker. I suggest equiping God's Hands when her HP is fully healed, then equip Premium Heart when her HP is less than about 50% healed.




*Accuracy may effect character's strength/attack.


**A link is two slots connected. A slot is simply a single one.


***Many may not know, but growth means how much AP marteria attached to a character gets. If the character's weapon has:

Normal, it gets the amount of original AP given.

Double, it gets double the original amount of AP given.

Triple, it gets triple the original amount of AP given.

None, it gets no AP given.


****This weapon's strength/attack increases when in critical status.