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Red XIII's Weapons


 Weapon  Attack  Accuracy* Materia Links/Slots**  Materia Growth***
 Mythril Clip 24  100  1 Link, 1 Slot  Normal
 Diamond Pin  33  102  1 Link, 2 Slots  Normal
 Magic Comb  37  100  3 Slots  Double
 Plus Barrette  39  104 4 Slots  Double
 Silver Barrette  40  110  2 Links Normal
 Gold Barrette  50  104  2 Links, 1 Slot  Normal
Hairpin****  57  120  None  Normal
Centclip  58  108 8 Slots  Normal
Adaman Clip  60 106  2 Links, 2 Slots  Normal
 Seraph Comb  68  110  2 Slots  Normal
 Crystal Comb  76  108  3 Links  Normal
 Spring Gun Clip  87  100  3 Links  Normal
 Behimoth Horn  91   75  3 Slots  Normal
 Limited Moon  93  114  4 Links  None


Limited Moon

Found: After defeating Hojo (end of disk two), go to Cosmo Canyon with Red XIII in your party. Go up to his grandfather, and leave them their. Later in Cosmo Canyon, Red XIII will join you again with his ultimate weapon, Limited Moon.




*Accuracy may effect character's strength/attack.


**A link is two slots connected. A slot is simply a single one.


***Many may not know, but growth means how much AP marteria attached to a character gets. If the character's weapon has:

Normal, it gets the amount of original AP given.

Double, it gets double the original amount of AP given.

Triple, it gets triple the original amount of AP given.

None, it gets no AP given.


****Projectile Weapon