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Cid's Weapons


 Weapon  Attack  Accuracy* Materia Links/Slots**  Materia Growth***
 Spear 44 97  1 Link, 2 Slots  Normal
 Slash Lance 56 98  2 Links, 1 Slot  Normal
 Viper Halberd 58 102  4 Slots  Double
 Trident 60 105 6 Slots  Normal
Javelin 62 104  2 Links, 1 Slot Normal
 Mast Axe 64 99  2 Links, 2 Slots  Double
Dragoon Lance 66 100  8 Slots  Normal
Mop 68 118 None  Normal
Partisan 78 100  3 Links  Normal
 Grow Lance 78 102  3 Links  Normal
Scimitar 86 102  1 Links  Triple
 Spirit Lance 92 112  2 Links  Normal
 Venus Gospel 97 103  4 Links  None
 Flayer 100 100  6 Slots  Normal


Venus Gospel:

Found: After getting off Cid's ship which was sent to space, talk to the old man who used to admire the ship. After talking to him 3 times, he'll give you Cid's ultimate weapon, Venus Gospel.


Other: (It's sooooo strong...! About 9000 in damage most of the time! Even at level 50.)




*Accuracy may effect character's strength/attack.


**A link is two slots connected. A slot is simply a single one.


***Many may not know, but growth means how much AP marteria attached to a character gets. If the character's weapon has:

Normal, it gets the amount of original AP given.

Double, it gets double the original amount of AP given.

Triple, it gets triple the original amount of AP given.

None, it gets no AP given.