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Aeris's Weapons


 Weapon  Attack  Accuracy* Materia Links/Slots**  Materia Growth***
Guard Stick 12   99  1 Slot  Normal
 Mythril Rod 16  100  1 Link  Normal
 Full Metal Staff 22  100  1 Link, 1 Slot  Normal
Wizard Staff  28  100 3 Slots  Double
 Striking Staff  32  100  1 Links, 2 Slots Normal
 Wizar Staff  33  100  4 Slots  Double
Fairy Tale  37  103  7 Slots  Normal
Prism Staff  40  105 2 Links  Normal
Aurora Rod  51 110  2 Links, 1 Slot  Normal
 Princess Guard  52  111  3 Links, 1 Slot  Normal
 Umbrella  58  118  None  Normal


Princess Guard

Found: In the Ancient Temple.


Other: The Princess Guard's power increases when allies' HP is in critical status or other allies are dead.




*Accuracy may effect character's strength/attack.


**A link is two slots connected. A slot is simply a single one.


***Many may not know, but growth means how much AP marteria attached to a character gets. If the character's weapon has:

Normal, it gets the amount of original AP given.

Double, it gets double the original amount of AP given.

Triple, it gets triple the original amount of AP given.




None, it gets no AP given.