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Red XIII's Limit Breaks


Limit Break: 1

Sled Fang

Lunitic High


Limit Break: 2

Blood Fang

Stardust Ray


Limit Break: 3

Howling Moon

Earth Rave


Limit Break: 4

Cosmo Memory


Getting Cosmo Memory:

If you open the safe at the Shinra Mansion, which will take lots of practice not to go past the numbers, a monster will attack you: the Materia Keeper. It's this weird half-purple, half-orange thing. I suggest attacking the physical past first if you don't have a lot of HP or the magical part if you have enough to spare. The orange-half (physical) can attack for a lot while the purple-half (magical) can attack everyone for much less. It shouldn't be too difficult, though it may take a long time depending on how powerful you are. Once you win, you'll recieve Cosmo Memory (even if it and Red XIII have absolutely nothing to do with the Shinra Mansion) for the battle.