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Cid's Limit Breaks


Limit Break: 1

Boost Jump



Limit Break: 2

Hyper Jump



Limit Break: 3

Dragon Dive

Big Brawl


Limit Break: 4



Getting Highwind:

This one is hard... You have to get in your submarine (duck fast when you see Emerald Weapon) get to the sunken plane (located along the eastern coast of the middle continent, near Corel, I think) run from the monsters in there that'll kill Cloud in one attack if you're at a low level, fight Rude and Reno, go through the door, down the stairs, to the chest near the front of the stupid screen, and yay. You got the awesome Highwind. Also, read the Sunken Plane Bonus page for the other items there.


Heh...when I went there, I didn't know what exactly to find there....I left without Yuffie's weapon and Cid's limit, er..., and without Hades..... >.<