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Aeris's Limit Breaks


Limit Break: 1

Healing Wind

Seal Evil


Limit Break: 2

Breath Of Earth

Fury Brand


Limit Break: 3

Planet Protector

Pulse Of Life


Limit Break: 4

Great Gospel


Getting Great Gospel:

If you talk to the sleeping man in the cave, when the last two digets of the number of battles you've faught are odd, and he'll give you "Mythril." You have no use for it, but the weapon maker does. He's in a single house west of Gold Saucer, and he'll give you a choice of boxes in his house. The top one has a Gold Armlet, which you can sell for a fair amount (I think 2000-3000 gil). You should probably pick that one if you:

a. Want money bad.

b. Don't like playing with Aeris.

c. Just simply don't use Aeris.

d. Have a hard time getting Aeris's limits.

e. Hate Aeris (heh..heh..heh....).

or f. Enjoyed her death. =^,^=

If none of the above, take the bottom chest which contains Aeris's final limit break manual, Great Gospel.