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Cloud Strife


Lost and confused, Cloud stands up to his fears, and knows he can do whatever he's like to. He's honest to himself and others, and admits he's not fighting for the world, but for himself, and maybe even his friends. Cloud has a mysterious past that everyone wants to know; he doesn't like sharing it, but his past has something to do seriously with Sephiroth. The scary thing is, not only do Barret, Aeris, or Red XIII want to know his past, Cloud doesn't understand that he also wants to know. It seems only Hojo, Sephiroth, and Tifa know, and none of them will tell Cloud what really happened: what was reality compared to his imagination and dreams.


While others think Cloud loves Aeris, it seems he really wants Tifa's attention and affection; though she won't admit it, he seems to know that he has it all. Cloud acts like only a friend towards Aeris, and thinks of her as only a friend. In my personal opinion, Cloud and Tifa are truely destined for eachother, and Aeris can die all she wants. It doesn't seem to me that Cloud is truely sad about Aeris dying, directly....


Cloud, of course, is the stongest of the characters, though when using his Ulimate Weapon, Ultima Weapon..., his strength decreases in critical condition (you can't tell when he's weaker by the yellow color of heath, but when his sword turns blue). What I wish is for Cloud to have a good amount of HP compared to his level, like Barret and Cait Sith...who have, usualy, 1000 more HP when at Cloud's same level. Also, for a little of my opinion to help you out, I advise not to equip Double Cut to him, if you have it. Most likely, it will decrease the damage he causes in all, and Counter is better fit for Cloud.


Cloud's Limit Breaks

Cloud's Weapons