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FFIX Blue Magic


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 Spell  Effect  MP  Where Taught (From Monsters)
Goblin Punch Causes non-elemental damage to enemy
 Goblin, Goblin Mage
Lv5 Death KO's all enemies whose levels are multiples of 5   Stoper, Dracozombie, Whale Zombie, Lich
Lv4 Holy Casts Holy damage to enemies whose levels are multiples of 4   Feather Circle, Torama, Amdusias
Lv3 Def-less Reduces defence of enemies whose levels are multiples of 3   Carve Spider, Lamia, Lizard Man, Scorpian, Ochu, Grand Dragon
Doom Target's life ends after a 10 count   Veteran, Ash
Roultte Randomly KO's a target   Ghost, Zombie, Hecteyes
Aqua Breath Causes Water damage to all enemies   Clipper, Axolotl, Sahagin, Vepal
Mighty Guard Casts Shell and Protect on all party members   Serpion, Myconid, Gigan Octopus, Antlion, Gargoyle
Matra Magic Reduces the target's HP to 1   Trick Sparrow, Dragonfly, Zaghnol, Orge, Land Worm, Armstrong, Orge
Bad Breath Causes Confuse, Darkness, Poison, Slow, and Mini to the enemy   Anemone, Worm Hydra, Malboro
Limit Glove Causes non-elemental damage to the target when your HP is 1   Mu, Axe Beak, Mandragora, Blazer Beetle, Jabberwock, Catoblepas
1,000 Needles Reduces the enemy's HP by 1,000   Cactuar
Pumpkin Head Damages with the difference between your max HP and current HP   Python, Hedgehogpie, Ladybug, Skeleton, Yeti, Basilisk, Bandersnatch
Night Causes Sleep to all targets    Nymph, Abomination, Seeker Bat, Grimlock
Twister Causes Wind damage to all enemies   Red Dragon, Abadon, Tiamat
Earth Shake Causes Earth damage to all enemies   Adamantoise, Earth Guardian, Shell Dragon
Angel's Snack Uses Remedy on all party members   Ironite, Mistodon, Epitaph, Behemoth
Frog Drop Amount of damage depends on the number of frogs you have caught   Gigan Toad
White Wind Restores HP of all party members   Zuu, Griffin, Zemzelett, Garuda
Vanish Makes a party member disappear   Vice, Hornet, Gnoll, Troll, Drakan
Frost Causes Freeze to the enemy   Wraith Chimera, Kraken
Mustard Bomb Causes Heat to the enemy   Bomb, Red Vepal, Grenade, Wraith, Maliris
Magic Hammer Reduces the enemy's MP   Magic Vice, Ring Leader
Auto-Life Casts Life when KO'ed   Carrion Worm Gimme Cat, Cerebus, Yan, Stilva