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FFIX Black Magic


Sorry, don't have the MP yet, nor some of the AP Needed stuff. ><


 Spell  AP Needed  MP  Where Taught (Grey=Weapon; Yellow=Accesories)
 Fire 25 Mage Staff; Leather Hat
Fira 50   Flame Staff; Mage's Hat, Power Belt, Topaz
Firaga 75    Octogon Rod
Sleep 20    Flame Staff
Blizzard    Leather Wrist
Blizara 50    Ice Staff; Opal
Blizzaga 85    Octogon Rod
Slow 20    Ice Staff; Magus Hat
Thunder    Silk Shirt, Glass Buckle
Thundara 50    Lightning Staff; Peidot
Thundaga 80    Octogon Rod
Stop 25    Oak Staff
Poison 35    Lightning Staff
Bio 40   Oak Staff
Osmose 70    High Mage Staff; Gaia Gear
Drain 60   Oak Staff
Demi 30    Cypress Pile; Black Belt, Amethyst
Comet 55   Cypress Pile
Death   Black Hood
Break 30   Cypress Pile
Water   N-Kai Armlet
Meteor 95   High Mage Staff
Flare    Black Robe
Doomsday 150    Mace of Zeus