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Aeon Abilities


I don't have all the abilities, nor all the items needed for

the abilities list here, either...obviously. =--= I'll finish the list

as soon as possible, I promise....


 Dark Attack 6 Smoke Bombs
Silence Attack
Sleep Attack 3 Sleeping Powders
Dark Buster  
Silence Buster  
Sleep Buster  
Delay Attack  
Triple Foul  
Power Break  
Magic Break  
Armow Break 2 Lv. 2 Key Spheres
Cheer 5 Power Spheres
Aim 5 Speed Spheres
 Reflex 10 Speed Spheres
Nul Shock 2 Electro Marbles
Nul Tide 2 Fish Scales
Nul Blaze 2 Bomb Fragments
Nul Frost 2 Antarctic Winds
Scan 10 Ability Spheres
Fire 1 Bomb Fragment
 Thunder 1 Electro Marble
Water 1 Fish Scale
 Blizzard 1 Antarctic Wind
Fira 2 Bomb Cores
Thundara 2 Lightning Marbles
Watera 2 Dragon Scales
Blizzara 2 Arctic Winds
Firaga 4 Fire Gems
Thundaga 4 Lightning Gems
Wateraga 4 Water Gems
 Blizzaga 4 Ice Gems