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 Power Wrist  Power +10
 Protect Vest  Strength +10
 Earring  Magic +10
 Talisman  Spirit +10
 Choco Feather  Speed +10
 Amulet  Luck +10
 Champion Belt  Power and Strength +30
 Poison Ring  Absorbs Poison-based attacks + Poison Elemental Strike
 Touph Ring  Strength and Spirit +50
 Circlet  Magic and Spirit +30
 Star Pendant  Immune to Poison
 Silver Glasses  Immune to Dark
 Headband  Immune to Sleepel
 Fairy Ring  Immune to Poison and Darkness
 Jem Ring  Immune to Petrify, Slow Petrify, and Parlysis
 White Cape  Immune to Minimum and Toad
 Sprint Shoes  Automatic Haste
 Peace Ring  Immune to Sadness, Anger, Confusion, and Beserk
 Ribbon  Immune to Sleepel, Poison, Sadness, Fury, Confusion, Silence, Toad, Minimum, Slow Petrify, Petrify, Condemned, Beserk, Paralysis, and Darkness
 Fire Ring  Immune to Fire-based attacks
 Ice Ring  Immune to Ice-based attacks
 Bolt Ring  Immune to Lightning-based attacks
 Tetra Elemental  Absorbs Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Earth-based attacks
 Safety Bit  Immune to Death Slow Petrify, Petrify, and Condemned
 Fury Ring  Automatic Beserk
 Curse Ring  Status goes up, but you are Condemned; you will be revived if you die wearing this ring. Afterwards, counter will not reappear.
 Cat's Bell  Regain HP when walking
 Reflect Ring  Automatic Reflect
 Water Ring  Absorb wateer-based attacks
 Sneak Glove  Increases success rate when using Steal or Mug
 Hypno Crown  Increases success rate when using Control